Many people with iPhones want to get the most from them. There are some questions they may have. Which carrier should you use? Which apps are necessary to download? Which model of the iPhone provides the greatest value? Read this article to answer these questions and many more.

If you are browsing in Safari, you have the ability to make a phone call with a simple tap. Perhaps you are searching for a local grocery store. When locating the number, you don’t have to use the phone component to call them. Instead, tap on the phone number, and the call will immediately connect.

You may not realize how easily you can save an image from Safari or Mail. This is simple. Just touch the photo that you want to save, and press down for a couple of seconds. After a few seconds, a pop-up box will give you the option of saving the image to your phone.

It is not necessary to close out an autocorrect suggestion by pushing the “X.” Just push any place on your screen. The suggestion box will close automatically.

Here’s a tip to help you type a message more quickly. If you want to avoid suggestions from the dictionary, tap the screen anywhere to ignore it. You need not close it using the small “x”.

When you’re browsing a website, it’s best to try scrolling with both one finger and two fingers. A given webpage can be scrolled through box by box. Using two fingers will allow you to scroll the entire page.

It is possible to take a screenshot when using your iPhone. Once you have selected the screen you would like a screenshot of, push down on your “home” button and make sure to click the “sleep” button the same time. Your screenshot is captured when your screen turns white momentarily.

The Safari browser on the iPhone is so amazing and lets you accomplish pretty much anything that can be done on regular computer. If you run into a picture you want to save while you’re browsing, just tap and hold it. The popup menu allows you to put the picture in your Camera Roll. It is even possible to drop it into an outgoing message.

When you make AutoText shortcuts for commonly typed phrases, you can cut down the amount of time you spend emailing and texting on your iPhone. This feature comes in handy for cumbersome email addresses or common phrases like “On my way” or “Where are you?” You will find this feature by going to the keyboard settings.

Make sure you are mindful about the apps you allow onto your phone. Because Apple approves apps before they are listed in iTunes, most apps out there, both free and paid, are really useful. However, some can harvest your information or slap you with hidden charges.

You can use your iPhone camera single-handedly. Just get the picture you want and then tap the upward volume button, or +. The picture quality is as good as when taken the traditional way.

While your phone tries to make site navigation easy, sometimes it is tough to scroll to the top on different pages. Luckily, there is no need for this. Clicking the top of your screen where the status bar is, will bring you right back to the beginning of the page. This works for other long screens (like iTunes lists) too.

You should stay calm if your iPhone freezes up. Just press the sleep/wake button and see if that resolves the situation. The second solution is to press the home button and the sleep/wake button at the same time. This will restart your phone and the Apple logo should appear.

You might want to buy an app aimed at managing your battery usage. There are a number of these apps available, and each can help you determine which features and functions use the most battery life; they can also help you figure out what changes to make in order to extend the battery’s life. These apps can also show when you need calibration. This will allow you to ensure the health of your battery.

There is a way to scroll your contacts that does not involve finger flicking. Begin by pressing your finger to the contact list. Simply slide down and up to your desire. This helps you easily control your search.

Don’t expose your iPhone to extreme temperatures. For example, if you work at a place in which you go into refrigerated or frozen lockers, you should be sure not to bring your phone with you. As with electronic devices, condensation can form inside your iPhone after you get a temperature drop.

Are you always sending text messages to the same handful of people? These numbers can be added to your favorites, so that you can have easy access to them. Use your call lists, including your recent calls and favorites, to text people in addition to calling them. Tap the small arrow next to a contact and select text message. This option will allow you to quickly and easily see what you’ve been missing.

If you have a habit of dropping phones, be sure to purchase a case for your iPhone. You could very well shatter the iPhone glass if you drop it without a case. While no case is foolproof, having one on will certainly increase your chances of having a phone that still works when it inevitably slips out of your fingers.

Having read this article, you should now see all of the benefits of being the owner of an iPhone. Use these tips to your advantage, whether you are an experienced iPhone user or a novice looking to purchase for the first time.